Ambassador Bernardo Lucena

Permanent Representative

Mrs. Cristina Rodrigues

  • Office of the Permanent Representative
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Mr. Duarte Bué Alves  

Deputy Permanent Representative

• Permanent Committees , Education
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Mr. Paulo Areosa Feio


 • Paulo Areosa Feio follows the work of the autonomous agencies of the OECD family: the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the International Transport Forum (ITF).

He also follows the thematic issues on Employment, Labor and Social Policy, namely the Employment, Labor and Social Affairs Committee (ELSAC), the Health Committee (HC) and the Local Economic and Employment Development Program (LEED), and the Working Party on Migrations, the issues related to Public Governance, like the Public Governance Committee (PGC), the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) and the Regional Development Policy Committee (RDPC).

He also tracks the work of two specific items, under the Science, Technology and Innovation field, the Steel Committee (SC) and the Working Group of the Council on Shipbuilding (WP6), as well as the activities under the domains of Climate Change and Transition to a Low Carbon Economy, and the new horizontal project on Integration of Migrants.  

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Mrs. Maria de Oliveira Fernandes  


•  Development Assistance Committee ; Development Centre, Social Policy, Migration, Information Society, Communication and  Internet, Public Governance, Centres of Goverment, Investment, Corruption, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Science and Technology Policy

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Mrs. Patricia Antunes  


• National Delegate to the Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC), Committee responsible for examining macroeconomic, financial stability and budgetary trends of OCDE Members and Key Partners.

Paulo Leiria also follows the work of the following Committees: Economic Policy (EPC), Financial Markets, Competition, Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Insurance and Private Pensions, Corporate Governance, Statistics, Tourism, Consumer Policy, Science and Technology, Digital Economy, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA), and also the Global Forum on Productivity.

He also tracks the work of two Horizontal Projects (for the biennium 2017-18), Inclusive Growth and Digitalization, as well as the OECD’s emblematic initiative NAEC (“New Approaches to Economic Challenges”), including the strategic foresight component.

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Administrative Services

Mrs. Elisabeth da Cruz  
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Mr. Carlos Pascoal          
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Mr. Alexandre Amorim   
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Mr. Samuel Santos
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Mr. Anselmo Monteiro           
Phone: +33 1 45032287  Ext. 203  -  E-mail:
Mrs. Maria Helena Monteiro   
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Maria Conceição Pereira

Tel: +33 1 45032287                - E-mail:

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